Why No One Should Want a Christian Nation


Since we get a say in the laws of our nation, many American Christians feel–strongly– that the U.S. should have “Christian Values.” On the surface, this makes sense: if a person believes that the Bible’s instructions  lead to a good life and a flourishing society, they would hope for all people to live by them. But somewhere along the line, amidst debates  over the separation of church and state, cupcake shops, and the legalization of gay marriage, Conservative Christians have confused disciple-making for culture-changing–and it’s detrimental to those both inside and outside the church. Here’s why.

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The City of Light at the end of the Chunnel

VSCO Cam-1

“It’s dirty.” “It doesn’t feel safe.” “It’s the most beautiful city in the world.”

Ever since my Madeline binge-watching days as a three-year-old, Paris has been the city of my dreams. My London flatmate was traveling there with her dad for the weekend and meeting a friend there. Thanks to her, I was able to split a hotel room with her friend and enjoy a magical weekend. Continue reading

Lessons Learned

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After trying to learn a Coldplay song on the piano–and giving up because I’m not a pianist and don’t know piano chords–I took my violin out of its case for the first time in a year. My instrument of nine years would surely boost my confidence more than the one that I can only play “New Soul” from the old Macbook Air commercial on, right? Wrong. Continue reading

The Garden of England: Five Fantastic things about London’s Parks

St. James Park with a view of the London Eye

If I could transport one thing from England to the states, it would be the parks of London. As much as I love the streets of London, city life gets old fast. Ambulances are at least twenty decibels louder than here. Londoners walk wherever they feel like–no “stay on the right” rule prevails. The tube isn’t air conditioned. Cars don’t stop for pedestrians. London’s park are the antidote to all of these. Hence, my five favorite things about the parks of London. Continue reading